Imagetea * the never-ending knitting of the never-ending tank * The Wheel on the School * pinhole camera kit * stencil drawing and cutting * fabric prep

This year we are doing no outside of the home summer camps. While dragging my feet on setting up our own I stumbled on At-Home Summer Camp e-Curriculum by A Natural Nester via Rhythm of the Home. Right away the night sky week jumped out at me. This is our first summer being under a country night sky in all it’s glory and so it will be the first week of activities we work with. And serendipitiously dovetails nicely with some fabric goings-on that I am planning for later this week.  More on that later!

~Full disclosure-this 8 week e-curriculum was shared with me as one ROTH contributor to another.~


ImageOperation robin rescue!

Just when I thought last night was winding down a big ruckus kicked up outside. In one of our front trees (another) robins nest blew out along with three almost ready to fly chicks. Using this set of guidelines we rigged up an extra cage in the tree we have that had been used earlier in the day to catch a rogue indoor chippy hackee.

ImageThe first one stayed in over night and this morning we found two others. Mama and Daddy Robin are filling the air with alarm calls and we can only hope for the best.

ImageThe nest.

ImagePerfectly and beautifully formed. Potters, eat your hearts out. That is some serious mud work.

In other news outside I am doing my best to wean the lambs down to two bottle feedings a day. What a grueling task! I am not the worlds best weaner and so Dave has forced it on me. We are doing three today and possibly tomorrow moving toward one in the morning and one before bed. I feel like they are giving me sad eyes every time I pass by but staying strong!

Another round of weeding in the potato patches before the sun broke free of the clouds yesterday. They are getting their flowers and because of the straw only a few thistles. Those thistles are serious. And hardy.


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