action! and nostalgia.

Early today Dash came tromping up the basement stairs holding this:

ImageI flipped through it and deemed it ‘thumbs up’ for a 10 year old.* Action Girl!

Every few years or every move some small person finds my box of mementos. Zines, letters, comics all tossed in a box. And every few years it is fun to poke through and read a few items.


July is my annual month of nostalgia. Moving anniversary, birthdays and wedding anniversary all rolled in to a few weeks.  Adding to that I am working on a rather nostalgic project that was going to bring this box up from the depths anyway, I decided to have a nice read through.  I am not a ‘keeper’ or a ‘saver’ but these letters and such are too precious to toss.

The question I have been rolling around the past couple of weeks is about comics. Dash loves comics and I haven’t set foot in a comic shop in years. Does anyone have any recommendations of an indie series for the 10 year old set?

*A perusal of other editions has made me put in the read when you are older pile.


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