a.m. radio love

Almost every night since we have been together Dave and I have listened to a.m. radio. A regular occurrence for him and something I tolerated and then began to love too.



In Boston it all started with WBZ. Listening to frankly some pretty old man radio. We listened every night to Steve Leveille. And if I remember correctly it was him who was on the late night shift the early morning of September 11, 2001. Early as in 1-3 a.m. The hot topic? What type of lunch bag do  you prefer, brown paper bag or lunch box. Listened to the whole thing. Love that a.m.

You have to be careful and weed out the wacko’s or you can invite them in.

We currently listen to Coast to Coast for our late night radio, 640AM in Toronto which a few times a week broadcasts from St Louis and given that I grew up in the area, holds some regional interest for me. That and I cut my teeth on this stuff. My dad is a bigtime Bilderbergers conspiracy guy. I like to think it has given me an healthy mistrust of both sides of that coin. For conspiracy theorists and for government and all it’s trappings. I get a good chuckle from it all. On Saturday on the same channel we listen to this…..guy…..who does a three hour monologue and is big in to numbers. Big. Note my hesitation. I am still puzzling this one out. I enjoy this radio as does Dave. Still part of the glue that holds us together.

On the less wacky side there is 740AM, Theatre of the Mind, that re-broadcasts radio plays from the 30’s and 40’s. I heard a Sherlock Holmes radio play the other night.

I still am not on board with the shortwave radio. Dave and sister Sira like to listen to a broadcast on shortwave from Poland in English which gives you all the latest Polish news  and reads reams and reams of emails from listeners simply stating where they are and when they could hear the radio show. Not very exciting.

We have been called luddites, rightly so. Or as Dave calls us ‘progressively old-fashioned’. I guess it all fits in somewhere.

Does anyone else listen to AM radio or are we the only dinosaurs left?

And as an aside. Today is five years since we immigrated to Canada. Today I am buying hay for sheep, visiting a family and popping in at the library. As Dave would say, ‘Assimilation, complete.’

And another aside. The radio above is a bakelite a.m. radio lovingly repainted (sigh) by Herb who ran a radio and television repair shop in one of our old neighborhoods. Bought for a birthday gift for Dave many moons ago.


4 thoughts on “a.m. radio love

  1. I spent my early years in Massachusetts and I remember riding in my dad’s firebird through the Big Dig into Boston every day listening to WBZ. It’s like the soundtrack to the first four years of my life! And whenever the hubs and I camp or have a late night drive, we listen to Coast to Coast; it is one of my favorite radio shows.

  2. i love radio but mostly NPR, and these days i listen mostly online since i don’t like our local station. but this is all very intriguing… and that is the cutest radio i’ve ever seen!

    1. The Buffalo station moved soley to f.m. since last year so I can’t capture it up here unless I listen online. We still listen to Car Talk, Wait, Wait and Pop Culture happy hour. That radio has followed us everywhere!

  3. I listen to AM all the time, except unfortunately most evenings here are all sport talk shows. Glad to hear others my age are also ‘old souls’.

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