yarning along.

Today I woke up inspired to make a knitted violet from this book.

ImageAfter rummaging around in the stash I came up with these colors. An approximation. I never quite have the ‘right’ yarn. Such is life when you thrift all of your materials. I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t.

ImageIt came out slightly larger because of dpn sizes and has a bit of a post-modern aura about it but satisfying and lovely all the same.

Last night just before bedtime I decided to walk the ditch and pick wildflowers. I love wildflowers like some love chocolate. Just this spring I have had the opportunity to indulge in all the wildflowers I can stand. It reminds me of being a small out in the field picking chicory flowers. Which is the flower next on the knitting list. I like these patterns. Simple yet just puzzling enough for me, the world’s most straightforward knitter.

ImageBook pile.

The 10 year olds new favorite author? Joseph Bruchac. Eating those up.

Now on the list of maybe for the shrug pattern is this, from Knitting From the Center, a very beautiful, inspiring book. And of course I want to try these swoosh socks. Very Liz Collins. Then the little cone hats are perfect for a bunch of sillies here.

Joining the Yarn Along with Ginny today.


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