first friend, fast friends.

Five years ago when we moved up north here I was six months pregnant. I was a little concerned about who would be staying with the boys during the planned homebirth.

After one week at work Dave came home and said ‘I found someone! She’s perfect.’ Really, I didn’t believe him. A few days later Michelle came over for pizza. And indeed she was perfect. Relaxed, interesting, funny, great with the boys and had been at other friends homebirths. Wow.

ImageAnd with that Michelle became part of our family. Births, family parties, holidays, birthdays and when my mother came to visit. Michelle was on the call list. In fact she has her own chair at our dining table.

ImageTwo years in to our stint here I called her one afternoon at work and said, ‘I need you.’ That was all I needed to say. In 25 minutes she was there.

When it was time to choose a godmother for Sira, the obvious choice was Michelle. She is aunt, sister, and friend to us.

A few months ago Michelle took a work transfer. Last night was our ‘going away party’. We tried to keep the good-byes civilized but there were a few tears. Plans were made and Chicago will be the better and Toronto the poorer. Happy travels and an unharried move are what we can wish her. We already miss you.


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