first weekend of summer makings.

Better late to the party than never, I say. Today I did my first canning ever. Using this recipe.


My hesitation to can is traced back to all that sugar. It really bothers me how much sugar is involved. Or so I say. I also find it slightly scary. With the toddlers bumbling around my feet for these many years it just makes me want to say ‘Jeesh, when this one is older I will can, I promise.’ But….I always seem to be saying that! So when I came across a canning pot at the local (thrift store) I picked it up. All the smalls were very interested in what was going on in the kitchen but Dave managed to keep them out of my way. I had a little snafu with the wire rack. Urgh. This one is pretty rickety and terrible. When I make another batch tomorrow I intend on making one of these to replace the precarious rack I have. And I was using the wrong end of the jar tongs which was interesting. I finally figured it out after musing about how stupid those tongs were and why didn’t someone make something more useful only to realize the stupid thing was on the other end of the tongs. Otherwise it all seems to be right as rain which by-the-by we have plenty of today. It is VERY satisfying to hear that little >pop< when you take out the jars and they seal. Made me a little giddy.

Whenever I begin a new cooking adventure one of the first places I turn to is Mrs Beeton’s All About Cookery.ImageI always manage to get lost in her household tips section. While some of the tips pertain to me in no way, let’s say the section on servants, others are fascinating. Such as kitchen organization or how to shop for meats. And these maxims here are words to hang your hat on.

I have a boring pile of mending to attend to some of which I hope to make a little more lively with embroidery thread.

Enjoy the long days and beautiful moon!



2 thoughts on “first weekend of summer makings.

  1. Yaaaaay! You can! You’re a canner. You’re uncanny.
    And it’s good to hear that I am not the only one who started by using the tongs upside down. 😛

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