fairy ring.

To kick off this years summer solstice activities we made a fairy ring for the fairies to dance around. This dancing takes place well after we have been asleep just in case you didn’t know.

ImageIn between dinner and bedtime happenings I managed to pull it together. I find summer a difficult time. Some people around here can be at loose ends for a few weeks until we fully enter summer mode.


Art and craft activities that are tricky for me to fit in during the winter months when all that other business is happening have begun happening and are a good grounding activity for us all.

ImageI presented the ring to the crew as a finished piece then everyone joyously pitched in to help decorate the ring with wild strawberries from our own wild patch because ‘The fairies NEED berries!’.

ImageAnd those fairies must have appreciated the berries because they left two moonstones and two pink agates for us.

While our fairy ring was made of branches harvested and shaped in the winter you can easily make yours of willow then decorate with the bounty of your yard or nearby park. The fairies may even appreciate a cookie or two. Who knows, they may even leave you a few stones!

Idea extrapolated from All Year Round.

Have a wonderful beginning of summer! Anyone else up to something fun?


One thought on “fairy ring.

  1. That is so sweet Brooke, your kiddos are lucky to have you!
    We are mostly celebrating summer solstice with water fights/ ambushes, and popcorn for lunch. Happy solstice!

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