the play, strawberry picking and five years.

Finally. The end of lessons play has happened.

ImageWe can all wipe our brows and call it a day.


This year it was a collaborative event that also doubled as a belated Father’s Day gift.


I am having a good chuckle as I type this up. These characters, the fairy, the bear and the goblin are in fact very good mirrors for the dynamics in this house right now.


The defeat of evil.


The beginning of summer. This one full of promise of long days spent at home picking flowers, lounging and Mama working on her summer project.


One little fairy was reluctant to the join the festivities. She did a very good job of watching.


The actors chowing down.

This morning while I was scrambling to get it all pulled together and to get a little alone time I was reflecting on a few things. We have a long-standing strawberry picking date with some fellow ex-pats. This year we were asked by four other families if we wanted to go picking with them. Gleefully I have turned three of those opportunities down. Funny to be happy to turn strawberry picking trips down but for the past five years it has been me doing the asking, asking, asking. Always feeling on the outside. In a few days we will be working on our fifth year here in Toronto and surrounds. I have found from my three big moves is that it takes five years to start to feel comfortable. To start to feel like part of the backround rather than someone hanging out waiting to get in. Five years is the magic number. I feel big, big things will start happening for us here. Mostly because we have community. The roots are growing and are solid now. Just two days ago we were asked to a July 1 or Canada cookout the first ‘Canadian’ holiday event we have been invited to. I write this not to say ‘Finally!’ but to say finally.


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