knitting and reading.

Sigh. I am still knitting the same tunic top.Image

I won’t even go in to that. I somehow have not been inspired to knit for the past few months but now am feeling some stirrings.

And a book pile.

ImageMore Hand Shadows-Henry Bursill

Spring-Gerdu Muller

Chickadee-Louise Erdrich

The Heroes of Asgard-A&E Keary

The River Cottage Cookbook and the Meat Book-Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Free-Form Embroidery-Judith Baker Montano

The Shooting Star-TinTin-Herge

Hannah on the Farm-Marjan van Zeyl

A Farm Through Time-Eric Thomas and Angela Wilkes

And unpictured.  I am reading The Curious Incident at Claridges by RT Raichev. A modern mystery series written by a fella orginally from Bulgaria who manages to capture the whimsy of the comfortable English mystery that I so adore. I really am enjoying this series.

What I really wrote this post about was to garner ideas for knitted shrugs. Any pattern ideas? I have taken a look at this and this and this. As you can tell toward the end of my searching I got a tiddley bit off track. But pretty awesome and well worth trying out and not a shrug.

And a reading sidenote. I have not pictured any of our early readers books but right now we are loving this series and we also love the Dick and Jane Treasury. Scoff if you must but it has been great for us through the years. Starts simply and gets progressively more complex and the bonus is because it is a treasury it give the illusion of reading the ever coveted chapter book.  Oh, and the Gerda Mullar seasons board book series is still a toddler and four year old favorite. The best. To my mind the number one best gift for a new baby. Because they don’t need all that other stuff. And books, they need.

Yarning Along with Ginny of Small Things.


12 thoughts on “knitting and reading.

  1. I hope the stirring turns into a full blown need for you! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Also, how do you find the River Cottage Cookbook? I have been tempted to get some of them and would love to hear your opinion!

    1. Thanks! And I am picking up speed, so fingers crossed I can keep it up. I LOVE the River Cottage books. I recommend the purchase of the River Cottage Cookbook. I in fact have it on my list. There are a whole slew of them in the series. I pick mine up at the library. May be best to see if yours has it too?

  2. What an eclectic mix of books! Good luck with your tunic top. I currently have a poncho languishing away that I don’t want to work on, When that happens I just cast on something else! Eventually I get to finishing all the projects….

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