makings during the last weekend of spring.

ImageThe strawberries are pouring in from all around so I made some compound butter for the next few days. Strawberry season is far and away my favorite.

I have done my next batch of tie-dyeing.


Using this book. I really love the pink/blue/green dye projects and so did a slew of both stained and fabrics I bought at the thrift store but would never wear the color they are.

And before you chew the ends of your fingers off, yes that is wool garbardine I am using to soak up the dye. I have about two meters purchased used. I would never wear it tan. Actually scratch that. I would never sew anything tan. Never. Rather than it going to waste I hope to make the 40’s zip dress in Gertie’s book with the super fancy awesomely dyed result.


The dyeing went smoothly. And as you can see I had amassed all the proper tools to do the job perfectly. Sigh. Such is me. I have a hard time following directions and a deathly dislike for purchasing and prefer to improvise. I also must state that I just used regular ole over the counter dyes. Dylon brand. I doubled the strength of the half a packet of dye, preferring to have a more muted look. I did have the correct number of squirty type bottles but I bought a little peace by donating the other two bottles to two little girls hard at play.


This is the origami tie used to make the kaleidoscope pattern from the book. I have used one third of a queen size top sheet. I would like to make either a pin-tucked simple summer dress or an apron skirt, both from Nani Iro free patterns. This bit of yardage is the whole reason I have done this batch of dyeing.


Curing in the sun for 6 hours.

The results are a bit of a mixed bag.

ImageThis was to be the kaleidoscope effect. My folded packet was too thick and the dye could not penetrate all of the layers. But it did make some interesting varied patterns that will work nicely on skirts or aprons.

ImageThis is a detail of a cotton slip I threw in.

ImageOddly enough the garbardine came out the nicest in my view. Also pictured is a kind of reverse dyeing I did why the others were curing. It began life as a shocking emerald green stretch velour (think skating costume). I rubberbanded it up and threw it in a bleach bath. I would love to make a stretch pencil skirt with the results.

So I think I have a long way to go as far as actually being able to control the outcome of the process. I would say a so-so result.

Next week I am planning a little rust dyeing and since the bleaching was such a success I now have a few more wads of questionably colored yardage to work on.


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