tea dyeing and thursday.

The tea tie dyeing worked nicely.

ImageThis began life as a thrifted light grey cotton cardigan and after I mis-used and abused it for over a year it was too embarrassing to wear out of the house and so was in the night-wear rotation. Rescued!  I look forward to wearing if every day in the fall. Not now. Did you hear that June? Get your act together.

ImageIn between other must-do’s today I readied a few items for a little dyeing tomorrow. Husband will have a mini-vacation and two brothers are going on a camping weekend with their outdoor group. A truly exciting weekend. I plan to dork it up by sewing, knitting, and dyeing some cloth. And sleeping. I have discovered Call of the Midwife, finally. After everyone I ever met told me I *must* see it. I stumbled upon it at the library and spent most of last night crying and laughing watching half of the first season while the rest of the household (wisely) slept. Paying for it today.  And a tangent that I will very kindly place at the bottom of this post so only all indie pop/twee 80’s/90’s types need read and chuckle over.*


Strawberries and ‘hearties’ or to common-folk, wood sorrel.

A feast!

*Two years ago someone at husbands work suggested I watch Being Human, the BBC show. I picked it up, watched and liked it.  This past winter I again found the next two seasons at the library and for some reason ended up watching an interview with the producers. As I was watching the bit and eating wine gums, no doubt, I said outloud to myself, Ha! That looks like the bassist from Heavenly. Guess what! It is. I have been living under quite a mom rock, m’dears. It is kind of like the time ten years ago when I was in a pizza place getting a slice I looked at the t.v. and saw the keyboardist from Heavenly hosting a show with Henry Rollins.



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