This morning started with me doing some things I had no business doing on a day like today.

I am feeling snowed under with stuff these days. And most of it is little girl clothing. A particular little girl who had her dresser in my room and she insisted on pulling out all the clothing to sort through for ‘fairy’ gear. This happens let’s say, more than twice each day. I have reached the end of my tether and switched her dresser to her room. Relief.

Then instead of an easy breakfast I decided on home made mac and cheese. But no noodles.Image

So I made some.  The idea came from the fact that we only had two eggs left. It is getting annoying that the hens are not laying yet. It is also a drag to buy eggs so we have eggs less often than we ever had. I am looking forward to the impending glut.


I am preparing fabric for a little dyeing project I will hopefully accomplish tomorrow. When the sewing machine is down one dyes, I guess. Also during toddler nap/10 year old lesson time I read through the book on the bottom there. Woman after my own heart. It includes notes on her year of not shopping and modifying the clothing she already has and fifty recipes on how others modify theirs. I am going to use some of the techniques from the tie dye book and a tea dyeing recipe from the Fashion Manifesto. Excited!  Also in the Manifesto books are a couple of interesting braiding and knotting tee shirt and leggings modifications that I am going to try. Once this business of the mountain of laundry is dealt with.

I chatted on the phone with a fellow homeschooling mom this morning and was reminded to do a little tidying up and end of lessons chores*.  Every year I clean the beeswax crayons with beeswax polish. This year I enlisted everyones help while I waxed a cabinet I found for Rika’s toys.

 ImageI don’t know why I never before included the littles.
They were all eager to pitch in.
ImageI went to all the trouble of making crayon rolls years ago but I find them inconvenient. Small hands find it difficult to pick the crayons out of the tiny pockets. And so all the crayons are hanging out in a basket together, getting marked up with other colors.
I think beeswax crayons are a great investment if you care for them occasionally.
Finally, I just love warm weather!
ImageI started this purple sauerkraut yesterday afternoon and it is already bubbling away.  Tomorrow is baking day because yesterday and today have been too ‘low pressure-y’ as I like to call it.  Nothing ever comes out nice on days like this. I hope to make brioche, sourdough and buns for sausages to eat with this sauerkraut.
Up to anything new?
* We are taking a little lessons break and will continue with a bit of work in July. There is also a craft schedule being concocted. And a few performances.

6 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. You are a lifesaver!!! I have been wondering what to do with my MANY MANY MANY stained shirts. I had been considering peroxide, but I wasn’t really looking forward to the results. OF COURSE, I should dye them – with tea sounds amazing (especially since this is what’s on most of them already). Gonna have to read about it! Thank you!

    Also, yeah, I can totally relate to the, oh, I’m going to cook this, but I’m missing x ingredient, so I’ll just whip that up myself (leading to a longer job than previously intended). Your result makes me want some…

    1. Mac and cheese just egg noodles and a cheesy roux and the ‘kraut is from Nourishing Traditions. Really just slice cabbage, smash down in a jar till juices run, salt, water to cover, lid and keep on the counter till it bubbles, taste, eat!

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