slow makings.

The sewing machine is still out of order.

Today I went to the local sewing store to drop off lil’ Miss Broken only to realize that it is $100 for  a tune up and oiling. Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a fly on the wall then? If I am known locally for anything it would be most likely for my…..frugality?

I high-tailed it out of there still with my machine and informed Husband at that moment hard at work at fixing the lawn mower that I had a new fun project!

I did have a minor success with the purchase of chicken feed today so we won’t call a dull morning of chores a total wash.

So I am still doing slow sewing. Happily. And tracing patterns for muslins. While time consuming I find making a muslin the first time I use a pattern worth it every time.


Making another pair of culottes for the impending summer weather that I understand will be gracing us in the next few weeks.


French seams!


Peach pie. No sugar because I am mean. I have been baking for mid-day snacks lately. Makes dinner time or when I should have dinner made much more bearable for all involved.


At the sewing store I did pick this up for ‘reviving’ my whites. Well water has not been kind to a few items of clothing. I look forward to trying it and yes I am ignoring what it contains because it will be better for all for us to ‘revive’ what we have rather than to consume more of it.  I wonder, what is everyones take on this? We shop exclusively at thrift stores and yard sales for the children and I. Husband does partake of the first hand. He makes the bucks and doesn’t have the time to mimble around looking for presentable second hands while I make it part of my homemaker’s mission. I did for a time try to buy second hand for him with disasterous results so we ended that experiment. How do you feel about buying second hand? Do you make it a priority? I try to buy quality made items used rather than poorly made and designed pieces. Which do you think lasts longer?


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