friday and some links.

First, I insist on showing you these photos of us trying to herd the sheep. Or sheep herding people?


There are two enclosures for the sheep here. They are far apart from one another.


We have been carrying them, one at a time up until now. Yes, you read that correctly. We have been carrying them. Mostly me with a panicky seven year old by my side. They are getting too heavy and their dislike for being apart too apparent.  Had this brainwave to use a leash that I made which Dave affectionately termed ‘the noose’. Obviously, not the answer. I toodled up to the local (what I call the thrift shop in town) and picked up two big dog collars. First attempt was mildly successful but so much easier on the back. They meandered around a bit but now they are in the bigger pen with yummy forage and will enjoy the day.

ImageAll indicators point to us needing more space.


Another shot of the patient toddler as she waits for Mama to finish chores and hang out with her.

ImageThe lovely grass near the mailbox. This is now my ‘destination’ walk. I pick up the mail. The lilac bushes on the nearby fencing have finished blooming. I also have been on the prowl for my friend the blue heron who has been spied flying overhead now and then.

And for the links:

I am loving this post from Revolution At Home.

This swimsuit by Closet Case Files is on top of the pile for when that pesky machine of mine is fixed. Many moons ago I had a similar vintage suit that I still dream about.

This book by Shabd Simon-Alexander is waiting for me at the library. Ready to pick up and plan a tie dye party with friends.


2 thoughts on “friday and some links.

  1. We’ve been on a couple of sheep drives at our friends place. They always used something big in their hands like a big piece of cardboard or even a big jacket as a “flapper” which seems to work well… You’ve got 4 kids who might be able to stand at the sidelines and flap! 🙂 worth a try…

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