A pile of books picked up from the library. Not shown is the book I have been waiting a month for. The book club meeting for that book was yesterday. Typical. Shown are the three sequels to The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich.  Dash loved The Birchbark House and was overjoyed to see that it is a series (I had no idea either).  Also shown is Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I have been patiently (read: gnashing teeth) waiting for the library to obtain a copy and here it is! Yay! I want to make three pieces, you know, to start slowly. Then build up to a Wiggle Dress. I have been all over ‘slow sewing’ most especially because of my down-in-the-dumps sewing machine. Imageand then…..


Most of the day was spent running boring errands and getting raspberry canes from a friend’s neighbor which was not boring. They are being planted right now. Image

Dangerously close to this bunny who seems to be enjoying the leaves that were accidentally ripped off. This bunny is also enjoying the freedom of a bunny pen and bunny ‘lean-to’ constructed by Gray.


And livestock. They are just no good at standing still when there is a camera around. The boys are growing. It is interesting to have two sheep one week apart in age and let me add, also having no real life experience with lambs. The coughing and what seems to be the gassy digesting process that is maturing is not making me nervous in the little guy because the bigger one pulled through. I was a little worried about pneumonia during the rainy spell we had but they are bounding about, drinking their bottles and eating their hay and grass, so I will put that particular worry on the shelf for now.

I am a novice gardener who is still fascinated that the things I plant will actually grow. I am mostly surprised because on top of being a new gardener I am a terrible waterer. I seem to have been saved by sudden rainstorms this past week.ImageMy row of onions and shallots. I planted them last week. 

ImagePotatoes! Also planted last week. Is that kind of growth normal? I guess so.

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