game face.

When life gives you flour….make baguettes (and rolls and pizza)! I have been intrigued and enamoured with baking these days. Image

Fondue for dinner with the aforementioned bread along with meat and pickled asparagus given to us by a friend this winter. Image

Lots of kombucha joy.Image

 I finished up my culottes which have been called  ‘interesting’ and ‘ugly’ by the family.  Hurumph. Rika seems to enjoy them and is not interested in me getting a photo of them.Image

  This wax resist made design to the fabric makes it really really nice to sew with. Started work on an Alabama Chanin inspired top from a deconstructed tee dress that has seen a few summers.

We have been off-line for a few days and it has been so productive for me. I hope to keep up the pace! 


2 thoughts on “game face.

  1. Hey…what are you using for flour these days? Just whole wheat or something fancier? Fondue reminds me of you and Dave and a long, long ago dinner gathering at your place near Cleveland Circle (?) when the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

  2. We were fondue nuts then!
    Hmmm…it changes, flour wise. Right now it is hard wheat. I like Kamut but it got too pricey. I actually don’t like cooking with spelt very much. Wondering if it is the gluten content. From what I understand Kamut is high in gluten. Or protein if we are being positive!

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