book reviews (of a sort).

While reading through this book the other night I stumbled on a recipe for modern garum.  After years of reading Lindsey Davis’ Falco series I finally know what it is exactly.  I knew it was a fish sauce of sorts and deduced that it was fermented but fermented fish guts! Wow! I think I may have found my edge as they say and am ready to go over it.  The recipe I found is for a modern version made with whole anchovies rather than a whole mess of guts and heads.  Hoping to begin working on this next week. And about the Falco series.  I love mysteries.  Primarily serials and not so yucky and scary and yes, I am an old lady.

So seeing the garum recipe made me want fish sauce.Image

For a late lunch I whipped up batch of my mom’s recipe of egg rolls only with pork and fish sauce.  I don’t think my mom and fish sauce have ever met or are likely to meet but I haven’t found a recipe I haven’t tweaked yet.  Gives you an insight in to how big of a learning curve baking and knitting have been for me.

Speaking of knitting, I picked up this book and it has re-invigorated my knitting project that has been languishing in the bag.  Image

This project has been milling around for a few months and honest-to-goodness I do finish projects but this one……it’s killin’ me. What has made me start it up again is that it is perfect for my top-heavy shape.  I have shoulders like a line-backer. It’s my curse to bear and I will muddle through but now with the guidance from the book knowledge that bell shapes look best on me.  Well, doesn’t that make sense. And the reason I have gone 35 years without knowing this is because I have avoided fashion ‘do’s’ like the plague. Stop laughing because I know it is obvious.  I just *assumed* those books were boring and not for me and they are but I really should be checking them out of the library too. I have been feeling a bit of a mess these days and am trying to clean up my wardrobe act.

There has been a kombucha success story here too.Image

Robust, big and with two layers is how I would describe the scoby.Image

Bottled and ready to roll on another batch.  I am in desperate need of a tea-like but not precisely a tea beverage for this summer.  As Gray says, ‘This water tastes like blood.’ Well water, what are you going to do? Ferment it!

Then there is this.

ImageThat profound Brother Gray discovered Forest Writing. Letters are found everywhere; bark, dirt, the sky! Ten letters found and six spelling words unearthed. ‘Isn’t it cool, Mom!’


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