baptism day.

Yesterday was Dash’s long-awaited baptism.


We have only since moving to Canada found a church that suits and so had waited to get the children baptised.  In a whirlwind year we have lovingly added eight god-parents.


The last hold out was Dash.  Mr- I-want-godparents-but-not-the-service.  Well, it just doesn’t work like that.

The sacrament of baptism is not lengthy and so even an anxious 10 year old enjoyed it.

Plus the choir he performs with sang which put a smile on his face.


The sacrament coincided with Whitsun or Ascension. And so the day began with a festival for all the children in the church including a story, singing and trading of home-made doves.

And of course mother did a ridiculous amount of cooking in the hours before.

Banana breads, a pie and veggies and veggies. Noticing a theme? All lightly modified but delicious none-the-less and I have an extra pie crust to fill today.

Oh, and Made By Me! I am not boring you all to death with the endless parade of plain separates I have stockpiled.  This week I hope to bust out the dresses.  The weather is delectable!


2 thoughts on “baptism day.

  1. Congrats Dash! I love celebrations like baptisms. We’ve had a few rocky ones but I love the family/community aspect. And I’m all over that banana bread.

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