makings in mid may.

This ‘vacation’ week has been productive.Image

Movable fencing for the fellas made by Dave, house carpenter/dream realizer.  After the sheepies, well, relocate can be used as fencing for the chickens to forage the spent garden in the fall. Next on Dave’s list is outdoor housing for the sheep that can be switched over to wood pile housing.

ImageA whole mess of Whitsun doves for the celebration at church tomorrow.


Two banana breads for the other celebration tomorrow, Dash’s baptism  Along with Skuld the future-seeing Norn.  And what does Skuld see in my future?  An early bedtime.

ImageA pile of flatbreads. Just because.

ImageFranken-pattern success! I did not use any of the Tova pattern and because I am foolish, used what I believe is batiste for both the dress and lining.  While a joy to wear a little annoying to sew with.

ImageHow about that ‘mom’ face?


And then finally after over two years this is finished. More Anna Maria Horner and Marimekko joy.  When I first made this in the beginning of my pregnancy with Rika I used wide elastic around the waist. Hated it. Months later, ripped it out and shirred. I was shirring everything because I was postpartum and if ever shirring is your friend, that is the time. So then decided I hated that, rip. Just yesterday I dragged the dress out and hand sewed some pleats, finally wearable! And here I am dutifully looking at my baa’ing lambs. I am the ‘milk-lady’ to them so whenever I make an appearance much noise ensues.

ImageHere is a sad Brother left at home while biggest Brother and Dad go on a birthday celebration hike with a friend and his dad. He is eagerly awaiting their return. To pass the time he is making rock knives. Not a time squander-er this one.


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