a decade of change.

Yesterday was Dash’s 10th birthday.

ImageThe first thing I saw when I looked out the window (after feeding the sheep!) was this rainbow.

A pretty spectacular way to enter the double digits.

ImageWhat a full and happy day this boy had.

And after that long day out we came home to a windstorm.  In all the ruckus a bench flipped over and injured one of the chickens.  The prospect was grim for her making it through the night and it just seemed mean to make her try.  When we held her, she closed her eyes and held her beak open in such a way that seemed to say, ‘Ouch’.  And so she was the first chicken we ever processed.  I was relieved that when I was cleaning her I did find many injuries, including a very broken wing and leg.

Are you interested in what she ate?  We were!

ImageHere is her very full crop.  Corn, some other grains, grass and lots and lots of ants.

What a day.

After ten years of parenting the one thing that seems to stick is that no one day is like another.

If you are interested the best photo description I have ever run across of how to process a chicken is found here at A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter.


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