yarn along in a fools paradise.

Yarning along with Small Things.ImageA mushroom from a pattern made on the fly. For the eldest and his cabinet of curiosities.ImageA stack of books for today.  Doing some fast and furious reading about sheep as we are getting two, tomorrow. Working on copying a reader for our beginning reader and of course a little crafty reading to get me through the tough bits today.

I am *still* reading Wings of the Dove.  Not the best for sleepy night-time reading. Good but turning in to a slog.  Husband has the week off and so I hope to get some reading (and knitting) time in.

Also, Made By Me, May 2013.

ImageWhen i first started this blog I promised myself no pictures of my feet……and….here are my feet.  The skirt is a Betsey Johnson pattern.  Really love it.  Going to have to make a slew.

Reading, knitting, sewing?


p.s.  We are picking up the lambs tonight!  If the house is a mess it is because we have babies.


4 thoughts on “yarn along in a fools paradise.

  1. Enjoy the sheep! I was raised on a sheep farm in the Shenandoah Valley and I loved it! They can be the most frustrating animals but will fill your heart up! Good luck!

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