makings on standby.

My Slavic back is holding a grudge, my German brain wants to be organized and my American limbs just want to do what they want to do.  But the calendar says FINISH THAT QUILT!  It also says to stop cutting out more dresses to sew because you have to FINISH THAT QUILT.  Okay, okay.  I have ditched a totally sashiko-ed quilt plan and am now knotting it.  Too big of a bite.  Almost finished with the knotting and hopefully tomorrow will start the self-binding.

The quilt is hiding behind the Wave in a Bottle made for a birthday party yesterday.  Big fun, new friends.


I have been playing around with recipes from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. The za’atar flat bread is lovely and here is a photo of the olive fougasse I made yesterday.Image

Actually one of three.  One made it out of the house for the above party. Tomorrow- brioche!

A few food things on the go today.  Chicken broth on the stove, carnitas in the crock pot for tonight and for our lunch a beet salad with garlic mustard (that a few people couldn’t wait for lunch to eat) and a few pieces of chicken and veg roasted in a lovely spice mix a friend picked up in Singapore (fancy!).


Earlier this week we had to inform our resident animal-whisperer that his beloved bunny had been hit by a car due to parental dum-dummery (never let your sons pet rabbit out unless you are certain, absolutely certain you can retrieve said bunny and know that no matter how fat that bunny is, you probably cannot catch it).  I have just fielded a call from the local bunny-man and we will pick up a new friend in a few days.


Had a nice walk in the woods yesterday morning with this fella. While he is not drinking coffee, he does a pretty good imitation of his dad drinking it.Image

And his baby sissy. His biggest fan. Eldest brother is otherwise known as the off-camera baby wrangler.  Image

See those mosquito bites? Yep, those mosquitos are getting to be a little bit of a problem what with this moraine and all.  If anyone has any non-toxic tips for standing water and bug control, please pass them on!

Big dreams of a bottle-fed lamb too.  Poking around the yard to see where I can steal some fencing from to move and create a safe space.  Tomorrow we go on a visit to a local sheep farm. Because someday I will finish the quilt and what will I do with all that free time?


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