what’s making me happy.

This.ImageFirst, the pattern.  Giddy with excitement.  A friend and I have started splitting patterns and multiplying the sewing love.  Cannot wait to start.  My jacket collection was so ugly that I donated most of it to I am sure, a rag house.

And second.  The invitation.  Back in the letter writing days, the zines through the mail days, the high school days I acquired the most awesome penpal.  A friend so awesome  that he visited Granite City, Illinois from the U.K.  Let that sink in.  That was twenty years ago.  At the end of May he is getting married to the love of his life.  While I am unable to attend, I will be sending my love.  I spilling over with joy for them.

And third.  The sheath-y dress thing.  You know, the bubble-gum looking thing in the back-round.  Almost ready to start wearing this smoosh-up of a pattern!  Just contending with an annoying needle issue.


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