time spent in the city.

ImageWe spent the day in the city.  Dropped Dad off at work early and noodled around in Yorkville.  The city looks so different before anything is open and you are with four children.ImageI like that my eldest found two pinecones and spent most of the time explaining the differences between them.

ImageIn Toronto in certain areas they invest in cleaning up the city from all of yesterdays parties.  I appreciate that.ImageThen off to the Gardiner Museum for a birthday party.

ImageAfter cake festivities we dropped the boys in the clay studio and I was able to enjoy the rest of the museum with two little girlies.  ‘Mama, look at that teacup! It is so cute.  I think I might eat it!’ImageI am partial to this kind of ceramic fiffle-faffle.

ImageNow this, it is for pickles.  Stylish pickles.ImageImageImageA much appreciated party and day out for us all.  Home to beautiful sunshine, roast dinner and playing in the yard with the bunny and chicks.

Lovely end to the weekend.


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