some chickens and made by me.

We have outdoor chickens!Image

Living in this coop, made by amazing husband and the littles. Reminds me of an alien spaceship.


 There is a little bit of a debate over the color it will be painted.  Somebody wants to just rub beeswax all over it. Somebody will probably be over-ruled. That’s okay.ImageIf I ever wondered why so many people post photos of their children and chickens, I wonder no more.
ImageIt is just too irresistible.
ImageAnd I have taken the challenge to wear one made by me item of clothing per day for the entire month of May. It is a yearly challenge offered on the blog, ‘So, Zo (which is great and you should check out).  I wanted to do this last year but lacked the goods.  I *think* I can muddle through this year and feel motivated to make some tops.  Soon, ever so soon, it will be one shirt weather and I will be ready! I have also pledged to make four everyday wear dresses.  I am so close to finishing ‘Mama’s little headache’.
Excitement and sunny weather!

2 thoughts on “some chickens and made by me.

  1. I’m totally in for the Made by Me challenge! Thanks for sharing the challenge info. I also love the idea of everyday wear dresses…though I’m not typically a dress-wearer! Definitely one of my edges. 🙂

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