makings in an icy spring.

ImageEarlier this week I made a needle-felted nuthatch using the book Felted Feathered Friends by Laurie Sharp. Very clear instructions and a quick project made for my eldest sons birthday during a lesson time.  He is going to love it.  I assume this nuthatch will reside in his closet otherwise known as ‘the lab’ which is decorated with tree mushroom-y things, branches and lots and lots of rocks.

The linen dress.  Well.  One Soldiers On.  Nearly finished with the hemming.  All hand sewn those are. With fancy bronze ribbon. But in desperate need of closure ideas.  They must be flush or I will have to sew on some sort of button loop because *sigh* the finger crocheted closures had to go.  Trust me, they had to go. Some sort of tiny frogs.  I don’t know.

Planning another Alabama Chanin tee because they fit me so nicely and my tee shirt collection is woe-ful, just woe-ful.Image

And then I picked up these little beauties at the thrift store this week.  Making a muslin of either or pattern first with the peach polka dots. I’m trying to instigate a Sprouse resurgence with the other fabric.  Dying to wear that fabric.

Clattering around the house trying to find something to do while we all just want to be outside.

Interested in what others are making for spring.


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