National Poetry Month, week two~green

~This month our family in honor of National Poetry Month will be working with poetry. Reading, writing, crafting, learning…..we plan to do it all.  Please see my previous posts here and here and visit my friend at Grapefruit Jam who is up to the same. ~


Is it Thursday?  I think I slept through a few days but if I am posting about poetry it must be.
This week our topic is green.  In place of a letter the eldest needed to write he copied the poem The Stricken Magnolia by Bryan Guinness and then decorated the page.  With him I am working at reciting with an appropriate rhythm and cadence.  Interesting how ours differ!
I then asked him to write on slips of paper words he thought of when I said the word green.  He may or may not attempt a piece of original poetry.  Finding the possibility Very Daunting.
For our burgeoning reader we are working with The Green Spring by Yi-Hwang. When he and I read it together he used his arms to create a ceaseless flow. Picture me smiling. After a belabored copy work session, we decided he will finish that last dreaded line tomorrow. We worked on the -een family:  Green, sheen, preen, been, seen.
I finally got around to a circle time for the girls.  Pat on my own back.  We used last weeks Foxes.  Too much fun to add another!
 We then did a little E, A, O eurhythmy based movement.  A bit much for the 4 year old but she wandered off. As a side-note I find in our multi-age homeschooling environment that my children tend to peel off when developmentally inappropriate work for them is being covered.  Image
After what turned out to be a roaring, hilarious lunch (I was not privy to the joke) we set to watercolor painting.Image
 Dash, the eldest, mixed for the greens and they all set to work.  Eventually other colors were added to the toddlers delight.Image
 We looked at finished work and spoke about how the word poetic can describe things other than poetry.  A simple picture from the front shows leaves and hills hidden in the green paint when the light shines through the back. Fun.
Picked up a stack of poetry books from the library including a book of Emily Dickinson poetry illustrated by Tasha Tudor.  I seem to be the most excited about this.  I have a little
‘thing’ for both Emily and Tasha.  Another side-note: If you too have a thing for Emily Dickinson and are in the Boston/Cambridge area give Harvard a ring and ask to see her library and desk which is now housed on campus.
For tomorrow I will leave out the makings for green-viewing (elastic sewn to make a headband and green transparent paper with a note describing how to staple the paper on to the elastic).  Things like this tend to go down organically if I leave them lying around.
Next week the focus is growth.
I would love to find a cocoon and we will work with rising dough. Maybe even try to measure a few chicks.
Anyone else celebrating poetry this month?  Please leave a comment!

One thought on “National Poetry Month, week two~green

  1. Love it! I am definitely going to add in some watercolour painting next week! I too took out an Emily Dickinson book for kiddies out of the library…but can you tell me why I am the only one who delights in hearing the line – “Hope” is the thing with feathers…I think I will just have to force them to love that poem. Smirk.

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