pictures in a day.

On a rainy Monday.

ImageStartings of our mini-peach ‘buns’.  I love this pan but have no idea what it is for.  Macaroons?

ImageA little rural t.v.  Vacillating between wood cutting fatigue (we moved in November 15 and so have been gathering and cutting from the woodlot on an as needed basis) and a (tiny) bit of sadness. The nights spent in front of the fire will soon turn to nights spent on the porch.

ImageSome thrift store joy.

ImageA patient toddler looking at books while Mama sews.

ImageThis dress I am now lovingly referring to as ‘Mama’s little headache’. Pin tucked insert? Buttons? Side zipper?

ImageSome book love.  With; Milly-Molly-Mandy and Co., Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and The Burgess Animal Book for Children.


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