the case for constant cooking.

I should just post a photo of my children and leave it at that but I will go on.  Our days start with an immediate cry for food.  Some nights I have been on my game and soaked a batch of oatmeal to pop on the stove but most nights have been a flutter of tidying,reading,organizing and just in general putting the show to bed.  This commitment to eating as much food that starts as just an ingredient can sometimes be daunting.  On those days when we need to be out all day I feel that it can overwhelm me.  I like to try to prepare a few days in advance.  As an example on Tuesday we have our regular day out in town.  This means from about 6am-6pm.  Right?  I know.  Today being Sunday I will make a batch of bread, yogurt and two dinners.  One for tonight and one for Tuesday night.  Tomorrow I will make the lunches.  I prefer to make beef jerky for these days and most likely will.  Image

Our eating times seem to piggy-back on to one another.  One little leaves the kitchen just as another arrives then it is suddenly lunch. Image If I do not have staples on hand and something on the hob – I have a pretty tedious day.  I know that this time of continuous feasting will not last forever and maybe I will miss all of this cooking.  Maybe.  Right now I revel in it.  Trying recipes, handing out cooking and chopping tasks and living with a kitchen that is a little less clean than I would prefer.  It is a well-used and well-loved kitchen.ImageA little decorating in that kitchen.  Something for everyone to look at while they impatiently wait for their Mama.


2 thoughts on “the case for constant cooking.

  1. Well. I can tell you as someone who spends more time (awake) out of the home than I do in it, that I revel in the times in which I can spend THE WHOLE DAY in the kitchen. I had that thought this morning, before reading your post: “I am going to spend my whole day in this little 18-foot orbit: dining room, kitchen sink, pantry.”

    1. I do love being in the kitchen, it’s the cleaning of it that gets up my nose! And Alexandra, you make some pretty tasty foods in that kitchen so I am all for you spending the entire day in there!

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