Animals~Week 1~National Poetry Month

~This month our family in honor of National Poetry Month will be working with poetry. Reading, writing, crafting, learning…..we plan to do it all.  Please see my previous post and visit my friend at Grapefruit Jam who is up to the same. ~

Amidst all the baby chicken excitement here we did get around to working with poetry this week.ImageWe have a special homemade Main Lesson book for each child, simply made by sewing and then I couldn’t resist adding a iron on letter from my stash of craft treasures for the little girls books.

I copied the poems for the olders on the board.  ‘Our Night Visitor’ for Gray who is 7 and ‘The Browy Hen’ for Dash who is 9.  ImageCoincidentally there is a ‘tricky’ contraction in ‘The Browy Hen’ of she’s.  Which instead of she is happens to be she has. Dash just last week worked with contractions so it was a perfect illustration of actually reading the sentence to make sure the contraction you think it is makes sense.  Dash has been working with his pen and ink and so copied in to his book.  There were a few boo-boo’s which we easily fixed by moving to the previous empty page.  The next day he did his illustration on another piece of paper which we then glued in to the book.  Viola! No more tears.


Gray after playing outside and  doing a few stretches with these cards for midline crossing work read his poem, ‘Our Night Visitor’ over with me from the board and began his copy work. He is doing one line a day then adding an illustration to his book as well.  I made word cards from his poem.  Words such as; night, I, see, carrot, row and bunny.  As we read the poem aloud I place the words down on the table in front of him for recognition and then after take them out of order for him to read them.  He is a very beginning reader and I plan to do this for all of his poems.Image

The girls.  Well.  I shamefacedly have to say this week has been nuts and I haven’t done circle with them.  Gah.  I aim for later today and since we are having an outdoor co-op here tomorrow will be forced to have circle.  Boo on me.  It just didn’t happen.  They did do lots of cute and amazing things this week.  Did I mention Rika now says popcorn?


Books read this week (not all ‘strictly’ poetry):
A Journey Through Verse and Rhyme compiled by Heather Thomas

In the Light of the Child by Michael Hedley Burton (weekly poem, read during meals or before read aloud time)

The Book of Fairy Poetry selected and illustrated by Michael Hague

Birches by Robert Frost, illustrated by Ed Young (picture book)

The Book of Pigericks by Arnold Lobel (highly recommended by the 9 year old)

Dr Knickerbocker: And Other Rhymes by David Booth

For next week I am planning on using primarily Robert Frost and I hope to find a some Emily Dickinson poems for the subject of green.  I will also solicit words from all and put them in a hat to be arranged in to poetry.  Maybe some sort of green sunglasses for us to see green through?  Some craft thoughts are percolating.  And certainly, most certainly some watercolor painting.

Have you been up to anything interesting for the first week?  Please share in the comments!

And take a peek at Grapefruit Jam where they are also celebrating by doing.


5 thoughts on “Animals~Week 1~National Poetry Month

  1. What a great project-we aren’t celebrating poetry month, but do start our lessons with a poem every day! A favorite is A Child’s Calendar by John Updike (of all people) really beautiful illustrations of a family moving through the seasons. We have a bit of a ride to town, and often practice reciting what we are working on memorizing in the car!
    What a fantastic chalkboard!

    1. I love the reciting in the car. I just got my license 7 years ago and sometimes feel too frazzled to talk when driving but should get over that! It is the perfect place for memorization. I *love* our chalkboard. I in fact think we are going to enlarge it in the summer so my toddler can draw on the board instead of the wall!

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