National Poetry Month ~week one-intentions~

As I posted before we are celebrating National Poetry Month in our homeschooling home by digging in to poetry. The first week we here are focusing on animals in honor of our new residents as of this upcoming Wednesday.  Poetry reciting to 20 two week old chicks in the living room?  Yes, ma’am!   My lovely inspiring friend, Gwynyth at Grapefruit Jam and I are going to be co-posting this weekly month long series.  I am really excited about to see how she will be working with verse in her home.

This week we will be taking our poetry from A Journey through Time in Verse and Rhyme collected by Heather Thomas.  The nine year old will be working with The Browy Hen by Irene F. Fawsey, my little seven year old, Our Night Visitor by Christina T. Owen and for the  4 and 1 year old ladies we will be doing two rhymes with movement; Working by Molly de Havas and Footsteps.  There will be copywork, illustration, reading, memorization and maybe a bit of crafting, if I have anything to say about it.

We will be sewing four very simple books for copywork and illustrations. This book is very inspiring for bookmaking.  Back before this parenting gig I did a stint at a proper ‘old fashioned’ bindery and in an attempt to use some skills before I loose them, I like to whip up a book or two here and there.  I find a simple Japanese binding with a few sheets while very quick are much appreciated by my crew. My nine year old has begun to work with a proper pen and ink so he will use that while my seven year old will work with colored pencils and crayons.

In preparation I have been leaving poetry books casually lying about the house.  When you have a nine year old who reads anything he can get his hands on, this works.  And for my very beginning reader if it has an animal on the cover, he is interested.  And these girlies of mine are dying for their own circle time.  Next week the focus will be the color green and we will be incorporating some poetry writing of our own, including a kind of ‘verse immersion’ with movement or maybe a little play.  We shall see!

On Thursday, April 4 Gwynyth and I will posting what we did, how it worked and what, well, didn’t work.

If you are celebrating National Poetry month in any way, here, there or anywhere please post a link in the comments.

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