yarn along.

ImageAfter the tedium of the egg knitting I wanted to knit something for myself so I started the Leah Tunic.   It is taking a long time.  I am just working on the front bottom bit.  When I (finally) get around to the back bit I hope to try out a meandering cable.  I have always been a little scared of cables and have not tried them with the excuse of not wanting to buy another needle.  *Laughing at self*  Suddenly after reading this book, I must try them.  Especially before I try any of the socks.  Using an undetermined amount, fiber content and weight of yarn from the thrift store.  It did pass the smelly burn test and will be nice to wear on summer evenings.  Who am I kidding, I am rarely out past dark more likely summer mornings when I am always up before dawn.  

Reading Harvesting Color in hopes that there is something growing in our bitty of woods to dye with.    Finished Small Room by May Sarton and it made me reflective of New England and the New England-ish ways of my husband who is living now in the chitty-chatty outskirts of Toronto.


Posting along with Ginny at Small Things.


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