any excuse.

It would appear that I have given up my sunny disposition for Lent.  Is it spring fever? Is it trying to keep a handle on all this paperwork (that will mercifully be coming to an end by summer)? Or maybe the just move catching up with us?  Whatever it is, I needed a break yesterday.  Toward the end of lesson time yesterday husband suggested a trip to the thrift store for toddler and I.  Before he had even finished his thought I was changing her diaper and putting on my boots.  

I had a little bit of birthday shopping to do and some general nonsense to nose around for.

I did come away with two lovely dresses.


ImageOne a wool and cotton shirt dress for me.  It was in with the nightgowns.  I imagined myself recounting how I found it to Dave.  Me: Just imagine.  They put this in with nightgowns! Him: Shocking. (face pull).  He was gracious and did agree that putting a beautifully made hand woven shirt dress that was appointed by Her Majesty herself was indeed shocking.  And at a second thrift shop (judge away, it has been a doozy of a week) this little cotton beauty popped up!  Perfect for sister.  I love the piping and those buttons, those buttons. 

And as always, I picked up a bit more fabric.


This, if I can squeeze it out is destined for the lining of a jacket I hope to beginning soon enough.


The day ended on a high note.  A celebration of the construction of the coop outside.  My busy bees  have been sawing, hammering and sanding away in the basement for weeks.  Really, we look for any excuse to heat beans over an open fire and to hang around getting warm.Image




And then today started with a cleaning panic and cooking.  A reprieve has been granted and the intended meeting for this evening here has been postponed.  While I have been looking forward to it…..well…..I guess we will just have to eat all the pate, sourdough bread and blueberry gelatin with whipped cream ourselves.  Pity.


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