patches and pieces

This early spring piece work has overtaken me. 

I am working on a dress.  By far the most complicated pattern I have undertaken.

ImageEight pieces in the bodice.  Not toddler friendly sewing.  This morning after making a cup of tea I yelled ‘There is bacon in the fridge!’ and retreated behind the door of my sewing room.  My patient family did let me finish the bodice in peace but the rest was sewed with the girls milling around.  Sira narrating and Rika playing with buttons.  Speaking of buttons, I seem to have lost all sense and have decided instead of a zipper, I will put in a series of small buttons.  I am even rolling my eyes at myself.  I intend this to be a garden/tennis/tea party dress.  So if anyone lives in an English manor, please do invite me over this summer.


In other news I am currently bewitched with all things bee.  Patchwork-wise that means the hexagon!



This, my darlings, are my workings.  I have begun the quilting on red/purple combination.  It proved too difficult to resist my acid green thread.

Image Psst…that red flower material is wool and it is amazing.  Does anyone know who made it?  Like most of my fabrics, it is a thrift store find and there are no clues on the selvage.  And to future me; please use the same weight fabric for all the hexagons, it will make your life easier.

Finally, someone here is turning 10 in May so I thought it was high time I made a proper quilt.

 That is until I actually began the piecing.  Dearie-me.  Two of Anna Maria Horner’s feather blocks made it in.  I hope to make more for upcoming projects because I love this block but by using the Marimekko scraps, I like to think I can get away with a large piece-y top.  The sandwich is ready for quilting and I hope to add a little embroidery on the back.


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