Marimekko love

Yesterday we took a homeschooling trip to the Textile Museum in downtown Toronto.  ImageSince I was with the todd-let I was able to view the Marimekko exhibit with only interruptions for thwarted destruction.  We were also able to make friends with two older Finnish women who had memories of ‘Mekko.  I had fun talking to them about cutting patterns and placement of stripes while baby sissy was interested in woo-ing our new friends and peeking around.ImageSince I am a lucky, lucky lady who has many ‘Mekko scraps I was most interested in the tunics and displayed paper patterns (what?!?).

ImageThis one is my favorite.  I do not have this fabric but was thinking how fun it would be to piece something together in these colors.  Marimekko never goes out of style.

ImageOh, and those other people were there too.  Learning about surface design, practicing on a drop spindle and working with looms.Image

Rika wore her ‘Infanta’ dress as I like to call it.  Charming.  She managed to hone in on most of the photos.


Mostly because she is the most willingly photographed child around here now.

Brother Gray took to the drop spindle like a fish to water so today I intend of pulling it out for him to work with.  In front of the fire because it is snowing, of course.


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