Yarn Along

Last year after seeing a pattern posted on Small Things, I decided to knit eggs for the bunny to hide.  I am up to 15 with a goal of 40.  I have thrown in the towel for this year and will pick it up again next.  Image


I am reading The Small Room by May Sarton about a newly hired professor at a small New England all women’s college.  Comfort reading.  It has that lovely soft pulpy paper that feels so nice.

And today is the first day of spring and a rather predictable one at that. I feel like Mrs. Thaw in the Elsa Beskow books. Runny nose, crabby face and trying to clean a big sloppy mess. Spring cleaning-head in hands.
While the weather will hover around the freezing mark and we get a bit more snow this crew plans to head out and spend the day looking at beautiful fabrics. I had made a skirt specifically for the day but do not have the nerve to wear it. Too chilly. Instead only two pairs of pants and three shirts. Nevertheless….welcome, spring!


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