a little bit of sewing

Well. An understatement. Our move out of town and anticipation of being very busy in these upcoming summer months has induced a flurry of sewing.  Induced or unleashed?ImageA very anticipated dress.  My first lined bodice using a 1/2 price splurge of Kaffe Fassett dyed, then woven fabric (swoon).  I plan to hand sew the lining on the unfinished seams and use a cotton tape to add weight to the unlined skirt for the hem.    I have used the dirndl  dress pattern from Wendy Mullin’s Sew U Dress book.  The more sewing I do the more I realize that I do not like store bought patterns.  I had made a muslin for this dress and realized the bust darts where in the wrong place for me. So I lowered them (first time I had made an adjustment like that but clearly outlined in the book) and viola!  I then made a second muslin in which I put in a DISASTER of zipper.  I cannot even talk about it.  The second muslin was a success so off of that I made a mish-mashed felted sweater dress with no zipper.  As of now, I have not put a zipper in this dress.  I can *just* squeeze it on and I love how it fits, a bit loose.  Can I get away with no zip? I will add that I am over the fear of the zip because of this minor success: Image
Please do excuse the wrinkles.  I was finding the iron overwhelming and the usually well-behaved Marimekko fabric very, very unpleasant.  With this skirt I used the Lisette Market skirt (view A).  I cut a size 6 and left off the tabs (too fussy for my taste).  It just fits, high waisted and a bit fluted. The teensy bit of blue showing at the hem is a ribbon I used for both the hem and as a fake sort of petersham at the waist. I will most likely not make this pattern again.  How many cheerleading skirts do I need?  Not many.   I will perhaps try to Portfolio dress this summer.  The zipper insertion was a huge success (cheering).  A little embarrassed to say but I made this for a homeschooling visit to here to see among other things,  the ‘Mekko exhibit (more cheering).


I have added more photos to my flckr stream for other finished tidbits.  It all seems like so long ago that I made them (in reality-a few months).  There is a trouser pattern odyssey I have begun as well as an Alabama Chanin evolution.  I am a little scared of all that hand sewing but have managed a bit.


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