It was a good thing we had left early because while I thought I knew where we were going I did not.

Half following the directions I had written up myself, I drove our tank half empty.

When the questions from the back of the van became to much I pulled to the side of the road to ask a rural mail deliverer.

I was miles and miles from where I should have been, having taken a road that sounded like another.

When I showed her the directions she looked up at me suprised because they were written in pen and ink, cursive.

I am in a desperate bid to make things beautiful while trying to not be lost.

All I could do stop myself from bursting in to tears was wave my sunglasses around and say, ‘Oh, you know!’.


It wasn’t that my toddler couldn’t be without me

It was that she didn’t understand why the person that stays put

Was grabbing the keys and heading out the door spontaneously.

Crying in to my shoulder she asked, where are you going and

What is happening there?

I sat with her in my lap, arms wrapped around my neck for five minutes whispering in her ear.

Disentangling myself I handed her to Husband

When I made it out of the house and down the road, right where I would have been

An accident bottlenecking, blocking the road.