homeschooling and the women’s march.

“This is no simple reform. It really is a revolution.”

Gloria Steinem, from the Address to the Women of America

In grade eight in the Waldorf pedagogy (we are Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers) there is a thread of revolution throughout the lesson year and what with the revolution happening within the child, it makes sense.

This year along with our usual resources I will be attending the Women’s March in DC on Saturday with my grade eight child and another young person. What better resource than being part of an actual social revolution to help a soul connect with the motivations and deep need a group of people feel to risk revolution?

Personally I have waited a large portion of my life for this kind of movement to again coalesce and would not miss the opportunity to go myself and bring young folks with me.

If you are unable to make the March please attend a sister march.


Now that we are entering the final corkscrew in the winter holiday parent shame spiral I thought I would carve out some lines for my new year resolution.

For the last year I was too quiet about my backing of Hillary and I regret it. I stayed quiet to keep the peace with my friends of all sorts, mainly Bernie supporters.  i recognize and give thanks to Bernie for pushing the platform further left. I was mansplained and leftsplained out of the room. yeah, thanks. please tell me what it is like to grow up with no money in the midwest.  I found no joy in splitting hairs with friends and let’s be honest none of us thought that everlasting progressive-stopper would be waiting to be exalted in the new year.

I look at the photos of people bringing their great-grandmothers to the polls to vote for a woman for president and feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. please, do not let that be me or my daughters. how can that not be me or my daughters?!?

 I believe that whether or not you voted for Hillary she was the only candidate working for women and children. Where there are women, there are children. You do not have to be a parent to understand the basic needs of children *HEALTHCARE* must be met to ensure the future. Our voices must be loud to rise above the bellow of belittling human rights. I am not sure the best way to make this happen. But when I read about how women in the Obama administration used the amplifying method in meetings, it really stuck with me. So my new year resolution is to amplify. 

This year I revoke the special snowflake status I hold to further bring forward the great ideas of other women. Make them heard any way I can and not just on the internet.

jurassic park.

This morning my son was reading Jurassic Park and I was reminded of an incident.

This past summer I took a trip to the States for the first time in eight years. Within 10 miles of crossing the border we passed a white Lincoln with an Ayn Rand bumpersticker. An Ayn Rand bumpersticker, die a little death from that. Driving was an elderly white man.

I burst out laughing and when my son asked what was so funny, I said, ‘ I just saw a dinosaur!’

These were the heady days when we weren’t faced with the prospect of being dragged back to the 1950’s by our topknots. I have been in despair, waiting for the electoral college to work. And now that the last glimmer of sanity has left.

The States is a centerist country at it’s best. The Dems are middle of the road. I know that it is hard to see this through the knuckle dragging reptilian brained cable news blaring baloney 24 hours a day but a bit of perspective will tell you that. The States is also a country of change, it is built on change and like life, nothing is static. Nothing. Change is a reality and if you are not part of it, you are left behind. See: great swathes of the country. Trump’s table only has so many seats and he thinks it should be filled with a neo-Nazi, post industrialist greedy league of villians. I suspect he is channeling the Joker, it is outrageous.

That bit of hope that was snuffed out yesterday? Well, I can’t go on without it. So I remember what happens in Jurassic Park. Don’t be the dinosaur, be the mammal.

*I just have to use this space here to say that seeing Newt Gingrich making the rounds makes me seethe. The only context in which he has any relevance is in a documentary on jerks of the late 20th century. That guy does not need to belly up to the paid pundit bar, we need to reject him, AGAIN.