advice for my children.

Live what you believe

Buy what you can afford

Live in a regular sized home

Fill it with people, or don’t.

Live in the country, the city

This side of the border or that.

Don’t pay for something you could do yourself

Unless it’s from your friends and then

Always pay your friends.

Don’t give up,

If you are drowning

Ask for help.

I know it’s hard to listen

When I am always talking

But you children are the wall

I throw at in the hope

That something sticks.


I must be August because I am wading through our curriculums. And I know it is August because I want to go through the curriculums.

In June, I never fail to wrap up,drop everything and run to the beach. I’ll just tidy that up next week, ha ha ha ha! The papers are stuffed in drawers, art supplies lost track of in tree forts and bathroom cupboards (?) while we pick up where we left off last summer. The piper is being paid now. Filling the recycling bin, organizing books and searching for crayons.

This lesson year we will be covering grades eight, five, two and two in the ‘fairy ring’.  I have most of what we need, it’s a matter of hashing out what goes where, in what order. This year we are adding more out of the house classes. A first because……..babies. They were always in our midst with their crying in cars, sleeping and eating weird things from the floors. Now with our wild man toddler and me not pregnant, I am going to give it a try.

We are beginning lessons at the beginning of September, earlier than usual (we live in Ontario, one makes hay in the beautiful weather when one can) because we will be taking two road trips in the fall. The first is to Illinois, USA where I grew up.

It will be a roadschooling trip which has me planning the bejesus out of our days. There will be Chicago with the Museum of Science and Industry , a visit to the farm town I was little in then down to southern Illinois and St Louis, Missouri. I am delighted to take my children to Cahokia Mounds , center of Mississippian culture and a UNESCO site and on to spend a day at City Museum. I am also facilitating a stitch-in event for the 5point4million and counting project.  more on that in an upcoming post While all this will keep us busy we will still be keeping up with lesson work. Our eldest will be doing his first online class that will require work to be done on a schedule.

Does anyone have any roadschooling tips and tricks?

I will leave it here with a partial list of grade eight material we are starting with….

Oak Meadow english and civics

Saxon Math

Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time

Exploring the Sky by Day

Making Stuff

Raspberry Pi Manual

Zinn Education Project