i’d rather be in chicago.

We are back from our week long jaunt from Toronto-ish to Chicago to hometown number one in central Illinois to hometown number two in southern Illinois, St Louis and back. By my calculations it was; 1 grown-up, 5 children, one child’s suitcase left behind in Canada, 3300km, countless cornfields, 4 pizzas, iced tea, the Mississippi, long lost friends, recent friends, soul family, family, complicated family, three museums, untold number of gun, ‘gentlemen’s’ club and doomsday religious billboards seriously, US. pull it together, your crazy is showing.

I had not been to central Illinois in 25 years. Who has changed more, me or it?  It’s still in my gut and I’m trying to digest it all.

I hadn’t been in Southern Illinois in 12 years and it is exactly how I remembered it. Exactly. St Louis, yup.

This trip more than anything re-enforced to me that I am a people person rather than a place person. I might be in the center of one of those middle life crisis situations where I am looking for where I belong. Turns out it might be everywhere. I loved Chicago and texted my husband more than once, we could live here, you know, after we raise all the folks in canada.

At the risk of this post being a total gloomy gus I have to say this election is dragging me down, giving me a jaundiced eye. It also gave me get a glimpse of what all this turmoil is about. Illinois, you are not in a happy state.

On the upside, we had a super time with super people. The super-est people. Below is my mini-tour guide and yes,you can get do all of this in a mere seven days.

Museum of Science and Industry  which is not only unique to Chicago and embodies the American spirit everyone always yammers on about has several of the plastic tchotchke making machines which are 100% unique to the Midwest. ahhhh, smell the plastic, burn your fingers on it. guys, really. i love these machines. and i took this video there. it sums up most of my life.

Lou Malnati’s Pizza 

Quimby’s BookstoreQuimby’s Bookstore basically a zine store. we did the guy behind the counter a solid by leaving before the toddler ate any of the merch. the teenager and i nearly died in there. could have spent hours and countless dollars.

Lucca Grill in Bloomington toasted ravioli, pizza, brewed not sweet iced tea. bliss. 

Pere Marquette Lodge my children were suitably impressed by the large sized chess, Mississippi river and ole man river’s obvious joy in gobbling up it banks and taking back what is his, guys, that river. what a beast, i love it, indoor pool, sleeping in a hotel and awesome restaurant with catfish dinner! and of course, meeting their grandfather for the first time.

Cahokia Mounds woodhenge, monk’s mound, the confounding mystery. what’s not to love.

G-CADD granite city arts and design district. hometown 2, space where i facilitated the stitchin for the 5point4millionandcounting project. more on this in an upcoming post.

City Museum in the name of all that is holy, get your butts to city museum, now! it defies good photography and is impossible to explain. this place could only exist in st louis.  it is all about personal responsibility and a gem. we spent seven hours there and that is only because the grown ups wimped out and needed dinner and a chair to rest their weary bones. the children could have been there all night. how there are not at thousand memes of children pulling stuck grown ups out of tunnels coming out of the floor i will never know. 

ps  people, take your children on a road trip. spending time with them like that is more fun that you can imagine.


travel light.

Or rather, t.s.s.i.a.b.a.g throw some shit in a bag and go because this trip is going to be heavy.

I am preparing to take a roadtrip next week to two of the places I grew up. It’s been a long time since I have been back so making plans has been….difficult.

If you are interested I will be instagramming it and facilitating a stitch in if you are in the area, please come join us. no stitching experience required and i will be providing all the materials.

Extra added bonuses to the trip is timing. Last night I was wearing wool socks and next week there will be a 30c day in St Louis. Any extension of summer works for me. We are also getting the heck out of dodge the day before the next debate.

I am loading up on music and podcasts we can all almost agree on because 8 hours of audio books in a car with five children might make me gnaw through the seatbelt. Am I the only one that can’t take this anymore? So The Black Keys and Car Talk it is, my friends.

Anyway, wish me luck!