february enhancement program.

It’s February, again.

Winter has showed his hand and it’s time to get real about keeping the spirits up. January was full of a bewildering array of personal set backs that I have decided will have to be brushed under the rug here online until sorted out. It’s okay, we will muddle through. 

Life goes on, five small people have clothes to be washed, meals to be made and lessons to be done. And then of course, it’s February, like I said. 

For some reason when I have a daily practice, like posting here, the rest of my life is more orderly. The sisters in this home have been dedicating their days to turning one room at a time in to a doll haven (do we have this many dolls, dolly clothes and hair brushes? Stunning.),I am going to turn the remaining spaces in to project places. Simple weaving, knitting (including naalbinding, stay tuned!), soapstone carving, cartooning, sewing and writing. It’s the newly minted February Enhancement Program. When life kicks you in the face, sew yourself out of that corner. 
Theme songs, books, patterns, experiments are all part of the program.

it is in a room.

The room would be called a rotunda if it was round but the ceiling was flat.

The lights that dangled high above our head were like those of a gymnasium my mom told me about.

To hang the installation they began with 200 olive green yarn pom poms about the size of your head.

Then they add 125 neon yellow bursts and finally two hot pink shaggy balls of yarn.

A man stood in the corner of the room, arms crossed holding a piece of paper in his left hand.

He thoughtfully looked over to me and asked, Do you think the pink ones are running away from each other or being kept apart?

I looked over at him, holding the side of my head and said, I don’t know. Does your face hurt, because mine is killing me.

inspired by jaw pain, Nightvale and word problems.


If you don’t google an ailment does it mean you don’t have it?
If you leave a hundred dollar bill in your pocket will it procreate, 

Splitting pennies to solve your problems?
If you leave that dead chicken in the garden shed will its head grow back?
The manifestering of problems in a positive light.