two quotes.


I missed posting yesterday, whoops.

It’s mid February and we are still having our nearly daily porridge with frozen peaches from last summer so I am going to put that in the win category. Right now the youngest two are the only children about. Curently picking out all of those lovely peaches from the porridge (early birds get the sweets) and singing up made up songs. In the past 45 minutes they have been dressed, then undressed, had fairy tea (honey tea), milk, glasses of water, dumped one of my cups of tea, deconstructed the bags of papers and otherwise have slung detritus from one end of the hall to another. Just a regular 45 minutes. 

Last week I read Mario Vargas Llosa’s In Praise of Reading and Fiction. It’s a great way to kick off a midwinter reading binge.

…fiction is more than an entertainment, more than an intellectual exercise that sharpens one’s sensibility and awakens a critical spirit. It is an absolute necessity so that civilization continues to exist, renewing and preserving in us the best of what is human. So that we do not retreat into the savagery of isolation……

And this week because to makes perfect sense after reading the soaring praises of  fiction, I started Viv Albertine’s biography, Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys. When it came our a couple of yeas ago I wanted to read it then, poof, I forgot all about it. It is a very enjoyable account of punk beginnings. I love it and cannot imagine what it was like to edit it. The account of her falling in love with Mick Jones melts my icy heart. It is by no means a pretty account  of youth in London at that time but it puts me right there. 

They think the whole music industry turns of whether you can tune your guitar or not. Well, maybe it has, until now; we’ve only been playing a couple of months and yet here we are in a studio. Nobody’s recording their songs, no matter how well tuned their guitars are.

This is the first Slits song I ever heard. Listen. It’s so good.

And this one, I am pretty sure is my favorite. It’s about Viv and Mick’s relationship.