third time’s a charm, homeschooling.

I am working with grade two homeschooling materials this year for the third time. We have just finished Little House on the Prairie as a read aloud and let’s be honest, the portrayal and fear of Native People in Little House is problematic at best and not ideal when pouring the language in to little ears. In North American Waldorf-inspired homeschooling circles the reading of the Little House books is entrenched beginning in grade one with suggested reading of one book per year. Grade three skips to Farmer Boy because of the focus on farm life in tune with grade three themes.

As an adult reading Little House on the Prairie the nuances in attitude and reading of fear reactions are easy to spot but for the most part not available to the 8 year old child. For the upcoming children 3, I get five chances to fuss around with my approach I will skip the grade two reading of Little House on the Prairie and instead read the Birchbark House, keep Farmer Boy for grade three and read both Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek in grade four. Grade four in Waldorf has the nine to ten year old working with Norse myths and the fatally flawed Norse gods and goddesses. It is my hopes that the nine year old while both waking up to the flaws around them will have a more balanced view of the Little House narrative.

I would be interested in how others feel about the Little House book  i  loved these books when i was a child and read them several times and how you work with them in your family.

my cold dead fingers.

I was on the sofa

Nursing my first son and

Listening to the news of

Bombs dropping in Iraq.

I told myself that

Donald Rumsfeld

Would have to tear my son

From my cold dead fingers.

Today, we live in Canada.



they are what happens when people stop wanting to die for someone else’s profit.

teensplainers for manspainlers.

For clarity and parity

Let there be a partnership of

Mansplainers and teensplainers.

Providing insight to one another

In cases of how to properly put on shoes or

The art of driving ‘just right’.

With far reaching helpful hints

Like what to do about the problem of your face .

All cases will be put in their place.