they should make a movie.

They should make a movie based on this book.

Did they already,

I almost cannot bear to look.

It would be terrible if they had two showboat hams.

I bet they did.

Faye and  Warren would be perfect,

If they didn’t already.


Faye and Jack.

They already did that too.

Maybe they shouldn’t.

They probably already did.



*i just finished reading The Book of Common Prayer by Joan Didion.

lost villages.

From the parking lot

Uncle’s eyes

Mom’s fashion sense

Aunt’s shape

One son and I’s nose,

Emptied villages.

The gene pool where

I flip my fins is small

And dwindling.

*using the Write Alm prompt:

life is….

september’s garden.

Kale soured by the sun

Woody stemmed

Daring you to eat.


Tomatoes take all the

Sunny days you have left.

Pumpkin backs still green

Hiding in the weeds.


Disappointing cucumbers

That frame was a bad idea.

Vietnamese cilantro

Wondering just when you will use it.

Waiting for their chance to deceive

Bashful jalenpenos just

Hang out.


September’s garden

Nearly spent.



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