I never know when to let a secret loose.

Is it when someone else knows you know?

When everyone knows or when no one knows?

Is it when you avoid contact giving it the courage to continue?

Or is it when your heart is iced over

Blades are sharpened, skates are laced for perfect figure 8’s?

i took a break.

Between roasting and sewing I took a break.

Scrunched on my rubber boots, the only shoes you can wear from now till June

Tied a bow under my babe’s chin , sneaking in to the ditch.

Picking up burrs and spent seeds, losing my feet in the cattail roots.

My family always say, You should take walk, have some time to yourself.

My friends call to tell me, You need a special treat.

Don’t I just. Let me get on that, I quip.

Blazing a trail,  a deer took a rest here, so will I

Leaning my hand against a trunk, I take a breather.

Keeping the brambles a hair breadth from the grasping clutch of my fellow hiker.

Remembering the time, I squelch out, bursting through the yellowed grass at the edge.

Astonished children’s faces, We didn’t know where you were!

Hang on, I have to baste the turkey.


This Thanksgiving I do give but ask grace.

Grace for my thin cloak of patience not to slip

Carriage heavy with groceries and laden with children

Days begun early after nights ended late, necessary calm interrupted by erupting squabbles.

Grace for my hopefullness, stuffed down deep in this time of babyhood.

Beginning, finishing, holding my own.

Excursions worth the herculean effort and late night worries to slide away.

Grace for my twitchy emotions.

Noise that shakes me to my bones with imagined slights turning me inward

Balancing my sorrow with elation, ceding control.