yarn along.

imageToday I am hanging out in the rocking chair in front of the wood stove.

My littlest can’t decide if he is sick or teething or both.

No matter because no one got a wink of sleep last night.

He must get rest and back to his usual cheerful self snappish.

We are celebrating his baptism on Sunday and he has an international visitor flying in for the occasion!

I plan on finishing his slippers from the Knitted Slipper book today, easy peasy and maybe I, Claudius. I love this book.


Yarning Along with Ginny over at Small Things.

in molt.

Scampering out back in the mist of morning feathers swirl and stick to boots.

No egg for days, I admonish my girls, Is someone snacking?

Sleek burnt butter hens, pride of beauty, should be the first to go.

The irony of keeping pretty girls for the sake of their looks is not lost on me.

Open and close the freezers, calculating space but I keep my faith and patience

In their fall ritual. Beef for dinner, my lucky feathered friends.

You have till December.

keeping myself writing with Write Alm prompts



I never know when to let a secret loose.

Is it when someone else knows you know?

When everyone knows or when no one knows?

Is it when you avoid contact givingĀ it the courage to continue?

Or is it when your heart is iced over

Blades are sharpened, skates are laced for perfect figure 8’s?