if doughnuts were cigarettes.

If doughnuts were cigarettes I would need a hypnotist.

Mama stress manifests, ebbs and flows, we all have our crutches.

Open mouthed stares at wrestling matches over forks

I slam down the lid on the watched pot of frustration.

A dozen of your finest, please.

Zen practice for the harried, dissipation at its finest.

Rather than fold in on myself, artificial comfort.


Two brothers will sing for another

Two sisters will help prepare

Two parents will fuss and fidget to get things just right

Two godparents will take this little boy in to their thoughts.

A church will fill with friends, family and community.

Set out handmade linens and cakes

Shake hands, clap shoulders, introduce.

With a reverence I never knew I had in me.

it is the eve of our family’s fifth baptism.

as a mama it took me nine years to open up and trust enough

before we added our first sets of godparents.

it has been the ultimate community building exercise for our family.

using the write alm prompt:


yarn along.

imageToday I am hanging out in the rocking chair in front of the wood stove.

My littlest can’t decide if he is sick or teething or both.

No matter because no one got a wink of sleep last night.

He must get rest and back to his usual cheerful self snappish.

We are celebrating his baptism on Sunday and he has an international visitor flying in for the occasion!

I plan on finishing his slippers from the Knitted Slipper book today, easy peasy and maybe I, Claudius. I love this book.


Yarning Along with Ginny over at Small Things.